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SEO With Russia’s Yandex Search Engine

SEO With Russia’s Yandex Search Engine

Google is a search engine monolith, but there are still a few pockets out there where other search engines surpass Google in popularity. Russia’s Yandex is one of them. This article will help familiarize writers with Yandex, and also offer some advice on how to score well on its ranking system.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex Is Russia’s Number One Search Engine


Yandex carries 64 percent of Russia’s search traffic. (Nguyen) The company itself is an Information Technology It started when Arkady Volozh and Arkady Borkovsky started the Arkadia Company in 1990. In 1993, after a few years of developing search technology, Volozh and fellow IT wizard Ilya Segalovich invented the word “Yandex” to describe their technology (for Yet Another iNDEXer). It’s also a bilingual pun because the Russian word “Ya” sounds like the “I” in “index”.

On September 23, 1997, was launched by Comptek, and then later became incorporated as a standalone company by Volozh. After that, Yandex has been the top of market in Russia. Yandex does incorporate a sort of artificial intelligence in its search technology called MatrixNet, which learns what people want (i.e. trends) and adds preference to those trends in their inquiries.


SEO Tips for Yandex


SEO in Yandex is similar to Google, but with a few interesting “twists.” Like Google, Yandex has been tweaking its search engine in order to find the most useful content for a search.

So, the most important things for an article to do well in Yandex is for it to be relevant. Keywords should be relevant to the article topic. Secondly, content should be genuinely unique and must have good grammar! As Yandex is primarily Russian language, the writer’s grammar skills in Russian must be impeccable in order to rank well on Yandex. Thirdly, linking out to other sites or linking within an article is viewed favorably by Yandex. However, links to other sites ought not be paid for, because link brokering is one of the actions that Yandex is wanting to fight. (Verona)

Yandex also take into account user behavior, like the amount of time spent on a page after clicking a search result, and the amount of times that users go back to the search results page to view other articles. In other words, it uses this information to help determine an article’s relevancy.

Unlike Google, which has somewhat unstable results, with results changing daily. Yandex users, however, will notice that changes in results are relatively stable for a couple of weeks.

There are some tools that will help writers monitor the latest Yandex update, like the Update Analyzer at AnalyzeThis.

In all, Yandex is a powerful, stable, and extremely useful search engine, and it’s no secret why it has captured the Russian market. It’s reliable, and a great alternative to Google for its Russian users.



By Larry E Payne Via Ezine



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