What is Unlimited Web Hosting

What is Unlimited Web Hosting  (Unlimited Hosting, Limited Advantage)

There are plenty of web hosts providing numerous shared hosting plans to webmasters. Some hosts have multiple plan levels to suit even a “single page” website to small and medium size businesses with full e-commerce features. There are some web hosts that also offer Unlimited Shared Web Hosting Plans.  So what is “Unlimited Web Hosting” Plan? Let’s dig deep and find out more about the plan and its advantages.


Unlimited Webhosting

Unlimited Webhosting

What is Unlimited Web Hosting Plan?

Usually, Unlimited Web hosting plan refers to a web hosting plan that offers Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited monthly Disk Transfer or Bandwidth. With more and more web hosting companies offering Unlimited space and bandwidth, the competition has intensified and now many web hosts are offering unlimited domain hosting, unlimited sub-domain, unlimited email, unlimited mysql database, etc as a part of their Unlimited Hosting package.


Literally offering every feature with no restrictions. These plans are also very competitively priced. One can sign up for such plan for under $5 per month.

Such plans are very attractive and mean that the webmaster can venture out with no restrictions whatsoever. But these type of plans are surely unsustainable for any hosting company, so What\’s the catch in Unlimited Hosting.


Unlimited Hosting and The Catch

If a web hosting company offers “Unlimited Hosting” plan and every one stores infinite data and attract tens of millions of visitors, then the hosting company would need have infinite number of data centres and servers to meet such usage and demand. But do web hosts that offer unlimited plans really have such capacity? The answer is NO.


It’s technically and financially unsustainable and impossible. So When they offer Unlimited Hosting plan, the host ensures that there is always a way to restrict use. How do they do it? They do it by referring to their plan’s Terms of Service (T&C’S) and Fair Usage Policy (FUP). That’s the catch!

So the real advantage of  “Unlimited hosting plans” is short lived when web hosts enforce fair use policy. What is fair use is dependent on so many factors and only known to the hosting company. So whenever they want to press FUP, they can to restrict almost any feature in the so called Unlimited Hosting.


Ways in which Unlimited Hosting advantages are limited by Web Hosts

As mentioned above, web hosts cite their T&C’S and Fair Use Policy to limit what it purports to be an Unlimited Hosting plan. Below are two most common means in which a web host may restrict or limit the Unlimited plan features:

  • CPU Throttling

In shared hosting, one server is used to hosts numerous websites and in unlimited hosting, if a website is found to be using excessive server space or CPU memory on the server, the web host may limit the website\’s disk space usage by throttling the site to, what it thinks is a fair share of the server. So believing that your website can post unlimited data on the server is banished.

  • Bandwidth Restrictions

Similar to CPU throttling, an abusive website may be restricted to use only a limited bandwidth per month and exceeding such limit would mean that the website would be unavailable to its visitors during the remainder of that month.


Above are just handful of methods to restrict the seemingly unrestricted hosting plan. In the real world, there is nothing called Unlimited web hosting. It’s part of the trick to make people sign up for hosting plan. So when choosing Unlimited Hosting you should be aware of the fact that a restriction on your use can be made by your web hosts. One should also note that web hosts, who follow the industry best practise, do not randomly restrict your use of disk space or bandwidth. So choose carefully and know what you want from an Unlimited Hosting before hand.




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What is Unlimited Web Hosting