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Link Building Services for SEO Dummies: Which Links Get Google’s Love


Back when I started SEO a guru once told me, “Search Engines come out at night, searching for key words and than listing those words so they float to the top of the Search Engine list so in the morning when people start searching, they find your website.


The more a word or phrase is used on your website, the more popular it becomes and the higher it gets on the list.” Sounds a lot easier than it is in the real world scenario. Search engines certainly have changed since this advice was given to me and now keywords while important when selected do not attribute as much to rankings anymore, today link building accounts for approximately 80% of search engines results, leaders like Google, place on your website value.


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In other words, it’s the total number of popular related websites that have your sites web address (URL) somewhere on their site that determines were you are going to be positioned in the search engines.


So what’s a newbie to do?  Most people have no clue of what is a “key phrase” or ‘SEO’ is and most do not even have a basic understanding on how Search Engines work, let alone advanced terms such as ‘Links’ or ‘one-way links’ or ‘link-backs’. Regardless of your knowledge, it’s comforting to know that with just a small amount of dedicated time, you can propel your site to the first page of the search engines, but depending on the industry you operate in, it’s can be quite difficult to. You say…No time, no knowledge and no idea on how to do it?


Simply put, if you want to have your website at the top of the search engines results, you’re going to need to start a link building campaign (full stop!). To know how valuable link building really is a recent survey from Marketing Sherpa’s Benchmark guide 2008 found that out of 2,475 small to large businesses attributed SEO (which is 80% link building) to be one of the highest return on investment (ROI) strategies available with an average return of 36%! This was the second highest return next to email marketing at 39%.


How to start link building


There are multiple companies who specialise in the mundane tasks of link building your site: Their lists, their phrases, their time, something of which most people who are building a business have very minimal amounts of, can easily be focused on building links for your website. So what do you need to know before purchasing link building services from a link building company?


What really is Search Engine Optimization?

What really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)


What are the best links to get?


Since Google’s algorithm change back in 2003 – one-way, theme-links have become the most valuable links a website can acquire. These are links that use text such as articles, website pages, press releases and reviews that offer search engines readers with valuable information. If a link is included within the text and it correspondingly published on a popular website, this is considered a highly valuable link in the search engines eyes and enhances your web presence.


Example of a one-way link


If you have an article of approximately 500-600 words and you have a link pointing to your website at the end of the article this is a great first step for creating a one-way theme link. The next step is to have it published in an article directory or on a blog that is has a large amount of daily visitors, so people and the search engines notice your content and your one-way link and value it accordingly.

Search engines count this one link as a point towards your sites value and if you continue to publish various forms of content always including your website URL (link) you get more and more points, then you start to move up the rankings.


Consistency is the key


How does this work and why is it effective?





If you build links too slowly, then competition could take the top positions by building more links then you or if create too many links too quickly the Search Engines should slap you. It’s a careful balancing act and depending on your competition you must find link building packages that suit your industry.


Reciprocal links have lost their value.


When a company places your link on their site, if you want, you can place their link, if it happens to be appropriate, on your site. Everyone wins. This is called reciprocal linking. But according to large search engines like Google count the numbers of sites that are strictly reciprocal and don’t value their placement as much as one way links. Before 2003 reciprocal linking had considerable weight in determining rank, but not anymore, while some reciprocal links are important to have, it’s the one-way links that will affect your sites performance the most.
Imagine if you typed in the name of your website on Google, MSN, Yahoo or Ask and immediately your name, information and articles about your business popped up. Those are the results good Link Building Services can offer.


If all this internet jargon is boggling, just take the time, a minimal amount of money and contact a link building services company. You will see, and your pocketbook will feel the results in a very short time.





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