How to Choose Web Design Software for Beginners

How to Choose Web Design Software for Beginners

Choosing web design software for beginners can present a dilemma for the beginner. Before diving into buying software a beginner should always assess whether he or she can learn the software after making the purchase. Beginners probably waste thousands of dollars each year on Web Design Software they can’t use because they find it too difficult to learn.


Webdesign Software

Webdesign Software

They discover they are not as technical savvy as the thought and once the software package has been opened, it usually can’t be returned. This dilemma creates doubt which leads to not building a website. Once you have assessed your abilities to learn software, move forward and make a decision on which software to buy.


You’ll discover that you fall into any of these categories;

1. You find it easy to learn software.

2. You find it difficult to learn software.

3. You’re somewhere in the middle of the first two.

4. You are a true techie and have HTML skills. Hold off on buying web software if your are 2 or 3 on the list or you’ll waste money and end up back at square one; without a website.


Find out if you have a knack for learning HTML and you think you can build websites from scratch. HTML coders are very unique because they are true techies that love coding. If you believe you fall in that category, check out and learn from the best coders on the web.

You can even get a certified from W3schools. Keep in mind, HTML 5 is still being developed and that could create a whole new niche market for HTML coders.

You really want to learn how to build websites so what can you do to get started?


1. Start with trial versions of software packages you can play around with for thirty days and really learn the software.

2. Start a blog that wont’ cost you anything to use but web hosting space. Word Press has the best free software on the market and it’s easy to set up. Get a Godaddy webhosting account for a few months to learn the software.

Godaddy makes it easy to set up blogs on their web hosting servers.Get a feel for how websites are set up before you buy any software. For any that’s comfortable learning software, do the same. Find out what software you feel comfortable using.

Software is expensive so be patient when buying. Dreamweaver is the top seller because it’s used by most professional web builders but it’s definitely not your only choice. Also, look into using simple drag and drop software packages as well. If you don’t need fancy, drag and drop web software can be the way to go.


My Top 5 web design software for beginners tips:


1. Assess if you are techie enough to learn software.
2. Assess if you are techie enough to build a website from scratch with HTML.
3. Download trial software before making a purchase.
4. Get a feel for how websites are set up using Word Press.
5. Try less expensive drag and drop software. Take your time when buying web software whether you’re a beginner or not and remember trial versions of software can help you discover which package to buy.



Source: Wendell Harvey

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How to Choose Web Design Software for Beginners