Blogging Tips for Beginners 2

Blogging Tips for Beginners


Many techniques and strategies are required to keep up a successful blog. As a blogger you must have the ability to share quality information with your readers and keep your blog fresh. There are several different techniques can be found online to make your blog unique to your niche. Some of those strategies and techniques you will learn them here. Using your main keywords in your URL for SEO purposes is a preferred technique.




Targeting many different keywords by submitting posts is one of the many benefits you can have with a blog. With programs like WordPress you can mark the limits of custom URLs to better target your SEO keywords. Another great program is Blogger it takes the title of every post as the targeted keywords. Whatever platform you choose it is best to always be unique and creative with your titles. But keep in mind that your titles need to have an SEO oriented purpose.


Write About A Popular Subject


You can occasionally write an article that will out perform other posts when blogging. When you write about a very popular subject in the industry in which you expect to do well in search results. In ether case, it a good idea to place links in the areas next to each post. Utilizing keywords will receive better attention by the search engines and readers. Writing on topics of interest is often a good idea to attract steady visitors.


You can bring back to life older posts on your blog by writing a few extra lines of information. If you have several posts on a single subject you can put them together on a PDF file and have customers opt-in and give it away for free. This is a popular technique used by almost every blogger to build a targeted contact list. Many times you can write about information that is already being used on other sites. It is never recommended to have duplicate content the key is to re-spin content so it looks unique and fresh.


Be creative and combine different things on a post. Like up loading images, videos and text all together can make your readers want to come back for more in the future. Do not write the same boring content all the time! Learn from other bloggers by observing their blogs and comparing their blogs to yours. Social media and other factors will help your blog hold it’s popularity if you can learn all these techniques.



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